What clients and colleagues have to say about my work.

Elizabeth worked on my team at MedAssets during the deployment of Workfront, a PPM workflow and task management solution. Her style of collaboration and communication gave us complete confidence that we were in good hands. Her ability to absorb and digest software functionality and its overarching strategy was inspiring. I could not believe how complete and well thought out her technical writing was after having just learned the software. I still reference Elizabeth’s work and highly recommend her.

— Matthew Brada, Director at Capgemini

Elizabeth has done an amazing job improving the overall quality of our content. She knows how to make arguments stronger and sentences flow seamlessly. Because of her impressive content directing background, she can also assist with strategy as well. Would highly recommend!

— James Crook, Marketing Director, MGIS

Elizabeth is a person with truly an enormous work ethic and an incredible integrity to both her work product and life in general. She always is enthusiastic despite inevitable project snags and works very comprehensively to get the job done. I would call her both a "right" and "left" brain thinker!

— Lynn Mueller, Sr. Project Manager, Salesforce

Working with Elizabeth has been a true pleasure. She has learned about our subject matter quickly, and provided deliverables under an extremely tight deadline. More importantly, she has been able to skillfully craft copy and messaging that is engaging and effective. Plus she is incredibly pleasant to work with! I would recommend her without hesitation.

— Dov Radzik, CEO/COO, IV Interactive

We found a total star in Elizabeth. She is truly a fantastic writer who is able to capture our company’s vision and translate it onto paper. Her writing has helped get us both local and national recognition in many of the top media outlets. Thank you Elizabeth for everything.

— Dr. Saam Zarrabi, CEO & Co-Founder, Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics

Elizabeth is a true professional. She is collaborative, easy to interact with, and very timely in her responses. The quality of her writing is exceptional! She also forecasts schedules very effectively and maintains a solid awareness of timelines. I look forward to working with her on future projects!

— Cijoy Olickal, Managing Director, ClearAjna LLC

Elizabeth produced the highest quality documents we have ever received from anyone.

— Corepoint Health

Elizabeth is a gifted writer, project manager, photographer & creative director who sees the big picture. She understands digital marketing technology & the myriad channels available to best reach her audience. For more than 3 years, Elizabeth has always delivered excellent work & never missed a deadline. I recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for that rare communications professional who possesses an eye for design, a web/technical background & the ability to craft a clear message that conveys exactly what is needed for your target audience.

— Kathryn Benda, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Gypsum Management and Supply

Elizabeth blends an understanding of technical, creative and business needs in her writing. The result is copy that achieves both the attention-getting goals and technical acumen needed to stand out from our competitors and interest prospects.

— Jeffrey Zinger, Director of Marketing, Record360

I’ve done other websites in the past and working with you was a breeze — comparatively!!! I spent hours with other writers to cover less material than you and I covered in a few short phone calls.

— Chris Singleton, Manager, Ohio Valley Drywall Supply

Elizabeth is an exceptional writer who possesses the rare ability to distill complex ideas and technical concepts into engaging and persuasive marketing copy. She is forward-thinking, responsive, and a consummate professional. We are fortunate to have found her.

— Michael Wist, Consultant/Co-Founder, InSourced

Working with Elizabeth has been a breath of fresh air. As a non-profit organization we have very specific writing needs when it comes to our website content, grant requests, e-newsletter, and social media. A person who writes for us has to learn the industry “lingo” and the organization’s branding words quickly, and she was able to adapt to our needs within minutes. Elizabeth is very realistic with her deadlines and makes you feel as if you are her only client. We would not know what we would do without her talents and expertise!

— Tanya Willis, Executive Director, Agape Animal Rescue

Elizabeth is very gifted and did a great job cleaning up my copy. I’m a small business and I decided to hire a professional this time, and she is worth every penny! I look forward to continuing to work with her as I grow my company.

— Gary Bruckelmyer, President at Baher Underground

I've had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth on the content marketing team at RentPath. I knew from our first team meeting with her that she would be an outstanding leader because of her caring leadership style, honesty and focus on performance. I have not been disappointed. She strikes a balance between emotional intelligence, pushing our team to create our best work and transparency in communication that I have never seen before. I really appreciate working with her and all that she does for the team.

— Rachel Richardson, Freelance Marketing Consultant

Elizabeth is by far one of the best writers I have known and worked with. She produces a high quality and well thought out product every time.

— Jandy Kelley, Senior Training Manager, McKesson

Elizabeth was always professional and she is exceptionally good at what she does. She has a passion for writing and it shows in her willingness to tackle any project and meet any deadline with quality work. Elizabeth and I worked together for several years on a variety of projects. I have recommended her to other business colleagues and I highly recommend her to any writing engagement she might choose! She was a wonderful asset to our team and will be to yours too.

— Amy P. Wilson, Regional Sales Manager, CertainTeed Ceilings

After using Elizabeth’s new hire and on the job training program, employees are understanding the material and asking the right questions. One employee is even outperforming our veterans! We are not getting any negative interaction from other groups due to mistakes. The training program is so straightforward that anyone could pick it up and teach the course.

— DaVita

Elizabeth was able to quickly understand the most complicated of our products. In fact, she possessed more knowledge of our products than most developers, because she had to document all of them. Her writing skills are top-notch.

— Brian Justice, Senior Software Engineer, Lyniate

I've been spending a decent amount of (pandemic) time on LinkedIn, skimming through posts for things of interest. Mostly I just keep skimming, because either the content doesn't snag me or, as often, the way the content is written turns me off. (Yep, I reserve the right to be turned off, as a long-standing—long-suffering?—writer by nature and trade.) But Elizabeth's posts—and the additional writing they sometimes point to (including her blogs)—get my attention, because they feel fresh. They seem genuine, not staged or showy. They're direct and smartly say things that often need to be said. And (very importantly to a fellow writer), they're well-written—sometimes they even sparkle. So yes, if you're looking for some attention-snagging writing? Look to Elizabeth.

— Janna Sakson, Creative Lead and Head Writer

Elizabeth is a powerful writer with the ability to produce messaging that cuts to the core in an authentic and engaging fashion on social media and any organization that would be lucky enough to engage her as a marketer, creative, manager, and leader. I know that she previously headed up a team of creatives and her personal philosophy of standing up for what is right and appreciating diverse perspectives along with a commitment to doing the right thing and persevering will make her a valued asset to anyone seeking to win in the content-led race for domination.

— Saj Hoffman-Hussain, Senior Digital Content Strategist, Terakeet

I think it's fair to say that most great writers are true believers, but when you run into a true believer who also happens to be a great writer, you have something special. And that's how Elizabeth Haynes can best be described. Writing and communicating can be a difficult undertaking, but when you were born for it, as Elizabeth most certainly seems to be, the only difficulty is in deciding how to prioritize projects. From what I have seen, though, if there were enough hours in the day/if a writer didn't need to sleep to rest and adjust his/her mind, Elizabeth would agree to write and quarterback them all; she seems to love the medium that much. Talent in a writer is important, but talent alone just isn't enough. The best writers (yes, those believers who just happen to be writers) have an enthusiasm and passion for words that go beyond any God-given gifts. If you're looking for a writer, a copy and content guru who will manage and deliver your project on time and on budget, look no further. Elizabeth C. Haynes is your gal.

— John L. Fischer, Writer/Researcher, Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas