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Elizabeth C. Haynes writes essays, memoir, and life observations. She no longer does freelance work. Her first book, Halfway There: Lessons at Midlife, was released in 2020 by Warren Publishing and re-released in 2021 by White Ocean Press. It is available in paperback and e-book.

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Halfway There: Lessons at Midlife has made it to the top 1% of books on Amazon multiple times since its release. It has received multiple 5-star book reviews from critics and rave reviews from readers.



Visit Elizabeth's personal blog to read her creative work. She writes about the things that are close to her heart, the experiences she has had in life, and the beauty that can be found in the natural world.



Elizabeth has done a number of podcast interviews where she talks about the lessons she's learned in her life, why she wrote her book, and what she hopes to accomplish going forward.


"Best book I have read in years."

— Pamela B.

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