2021 Pricing Sheet

*updated on 1/7/2021, subject to change.


I charge professional rates.

As a corporate professional, I was tasked with ensuring all company communications were of exceptional quality; I am not a random freelancer looking for side income. What you pay for is what you will get in this field. All rates reflect my professionalism, years of experience, expertise, and dedication to my career. In fact, I am often contracted to fix the work of other unskilled freelancers found on UpWork and the like. If you have any questions, be sure to contact me. I do have an EIN and can be easily engaged as a vendor.

Hourly Rate


I prefer to be engaged on a retainer basis (minimum of 5 hours/month) which can be used for editing, strategy, rewriting, coaching, social media, videos, CRM assistance, campaign assistance, internal communications, etc.



Flat fee copywriting: $160 (up to 400 words), $240 (401-700 words), $320 (701-1000 words), $405 (1001-1300 words), longer blogs are quoted separately. Executive bylines are considered ghostwriting.



In general, I only ghostwrite for executives or physicians and only for thought leadership, media, website content, or book contributions. I do not ghostwrite full-length books but will edit or proofread certain types.

Coaching/Book Editing


Editing and proofreading for manuscripts, or ongoing writing coaching, will need to be quoted. Fees start at $50/hour. Most editing for business is charged at my normal hourly rate.

Press Releases


I will write press releases using provided quotes, or by interviewing the required parties. Editing is included in the price. I do not distribute releases.

Other Projects

hourly or flat fee

I work with a variety of communications. In most cases, my hourly rate will apply. I can usually give good-faith estimates on cost and will provide flat fees as often as I can.

Questions? Need a quote?

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